Answers to common questions about purchasing Story Planner. For further support, please visit the support page.

Yes, you can. Just visit our Downloads page and click the "Download Trial Version" button, so you can download a trial version of our macOS version. The trial last for 15 days of use and it is exactly the same as the full version, except you won't be able to export, print, save backups or sync through iCloud.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a trial version of Story Planner for iOS because Apple’s App Store does not allow it.

Yes, you will need different licenses for iOS and macOS versions. Please be aware that the development of each platform is independent, as well as its maintenance and the stores in which they are sold. This is why users from different platforms has to purchase it again. We hope you understand it.

Of course. Once you have a license number for Story Planner, you can install the app on any machines you own and of which you are the primary user.

If you buy the iOS or macOS version directly on the App Store or Mac App Store, you can use it on all your iOS devices, as long as they have the same iCloud account or belong to the same Apple Family Account.

Yes. Story Planner syncs all your iOS and macOS devices through your iCloud account, so you can work in your projects wherever you are.

Unfortunately, there's no a Windows version yet, but we'd like to develop it in the future. We hope we can start developing it in 2019.

Don't worry! That happens sometimes. Please check your email for the original purchase receipt, which will contain your serial number. If you can’t find it, then visit the 2Checkout Customers Page, which is the company that runs our web store. You will need to log in that page to retrieve your serial number. If that still doesn’t work, though, drop us a line and we’ll look it up for you.

Note that if you purchased from Apple’s App Store, you will not receive a serial number. Instead you use the App Store app to reinstall your software.

All refunds are typically subject to a 15% “restocking” fee to compensate for money taken by 2Checkout (the company that runs our web store and provides serial numbers) and other overheads involved in distributing licensing and processing the return. We have 15-day free trials of all the software we sell on our store, so please do be sure to try before you buy.

If you purchased from Apple’s App Store, all refunds are dealt with by Apple so you will need to follow the steps below in order to get a refund:

1) Open iTunes on your Mac and navigate to iTunes Store → View Account.
2) Scroll down and under the Purchase History section click on See All to see all your past purchases. Click on the Report a Problem.
3) Now, click the Report a Problem link against that app that you are looking to refund. On the next step specify the details and reason for the refund.
4) Click on Request Refund. On the off chance that the app is not eligible for an immediate refund, you'll be contacted via email within 48 hours. Generally the refund is processed within a week, but depending on other conditions it might take a while.